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The World Is Not Going to End in December 2012: Here’s Why

December 2012 is probably one of the month that people dread the most? Why? On this month, particularly on the 21st, it is said that the world will cease to exist.

The idea of the world ending in December 21, 2012 probably came from the Mayan belief that the world fight 2 cheats ends every 5,000 plus years, which would conveniently fall on December 21, 2012. The Mayan was an advanced civilization who predicted that the world “changes” or ends every 5000 years and then a new world will be born. This does not literally mean that our planet will be dash hack gone and replaced by another but basically that a new “world” or “age” will be born.

According to the Mayan belief, we are currently at the fourth world or age which is the age of man. If the Mayan thought that the world is ending in December 2012, it was thus easy for theorists to speculate that it will automatically signal the end of man. A lot of speculations as to how the world will end have cropped up and all these doomsday theories point out that indeed the world is going to end next year. But will it really? Are we just being hoodwinked into believing that it will? And if so, what will people actually gain by making us believe so?

It is sad but fear is the great motivator in us. When we were children, we did our homework because we were scared of getting reprimanded by the teacher. When we are adults, we do our job because we are scared of losing it. Isn’t dying part of everyone’s fear? What’s more, stories tell us that we are all probably going to die in the most horrific, painful manner.

Fear motivates people and people who are scared are easily influenced. Do you remember the Millennium Bug or the Y2K Bug and how everyone was saying that it is the end of the world? You were probably scared of it and made some decisions that you probably wouldn’t have made otherwise. In a post-study about the millennium bug, it was found out that a lot of big companies, even TV evangelists, raked in a lot of profit from the scare. In fact, if you remember, there were a lot of products that were supposed to help us out in case there was a sudden breakdown in technology.

The bottom line is: don’t let people fool you into some hype and then make a decision because of it. Do your research and find out the truth. If you do, you will learn that according to the Maya, the end of the world is only a symbolic “ending” of a particular global awareness. Figuratively, the Mayan believed that the end of an age signals a shift to something better and most Mayan researchers and enthusiasts believe that this is actually an increase in spirituality.

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