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Wooden Urns for Pets

Wooden urns encase your loved one or pet in a natural, beautiful memorial container that honors their uniqueness and testifies your love. Not only are these vessels beautiful to look at, they, too, are each unique. Each urn made from wood possesses the characteristics of the tree which made it. Unique patterns, rings, and scents make every urn a treasure and dedication to the one inside.

Wooden urns come from many varieties of wood, each beautiful and naturally lovely. Choose from maple, birch, box elder, and many more. While price may be a concern, what you really want is an urn that honors your pet and your individual tastes. Because there are so many types of wood, with so many unique colors and characteristics, the hardest thing is to choose one. You want a vessel which suits your needs and helps you honor your beloved friend and companion.

While love and loss are part of our journey, losing a friend or pet is difficult for everyone. While we each accept our loss differently, we also want to keep the memory of our companion sacred. Cremation and wooden urns are one way we choose to keep our loved one close forever. An urn can travel easily to new locations, and it remains a beautiful fixture in any home; a beautiful fixture with a special meaning.

When it comes to urns, wooden urns speak to the uniqueness and beauty of life. Because wood, itself, varies so much in pattern, color, and richness, it is easy to buy a piece that speaks specifically to your needs, and reminds you of how special your loved one really was and is. An urn made from wood will make a beautiful addition to your home, fill your heart with fond memories, and enclose your lost loved one in gorgeous, meaningful art. Wooden urns are truly a fantastic choice for memorializing your dear companion.

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