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Understanding Anglo Culture – The Benefits of Studying English Language and Literature

Anglo culture has defined western civilization for centuries. It can be felt in almost every aspect of human life; music, literature, science, and philosophy are just a few examples. In the United States, 60% of the population are of Anglo extraction, and as a result make up the cultural identity of North America. The language of choice is English. It is the language of Business and Commerce. It has been the language of discourse in most of North America, Canada, and England for nearly 400 years. France is not included in the Anglo sphere of influence, since French is purely a Francophone not an Anglophone.

It wasn’t until William Shakespeare appeared on the literary scene centuries ago that English became a legitimate language. In other words, prior to Mr. Shakespeare English was regarded as the language of the uneducated, poor, and semi-literate members of society. Through Shakespeare’s plays, English was transformed into the language of love and romance. It became a living language, one with meaning and substance that not only moved people, but stirred human emotion and the imagination. The English language was set free by William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, you would never know that unless you were able to speak, read, and understand the language. Prior to English’s meteoric rise to fame, Latin was regarded the language of the educated and the wealthy.

From personal experience some of the best advice on understanding any culture and country would be to first acquire the necessary English skills first, and then visit the local library in the host country. From there you can acquire a basic understanding of the local history of the region and its people.

For the immigrant who’s seeking asylum in North America they are required to understand the history of the host country, namely Canada and the United States of America. They have to be able to read and comprehend the Four Freedoms of America, and other constitutional guarantees afforded to them once they attain citizenship. Candidates have to show that they can communicate in English, and understand basic communication.

Those individuals who were born in Anglo-American countries already know and identify with Anglo culture because it is what is taught in their schools and on popular television programs. If English is not your first language, and you if you weren’t born in the U.S.A., then perhaps some people can piece together some ideas of Anglo-Culture; most often times through music and movies.

The most traditional method to understanding Anglo-Culture, like with any culture, would be through a public library. Some of the greatest literary poets, writers, and musicians were born from the academic crop of Anglo-America. Some notable individuals would be Mr. William Carlos Williams, Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, just to name a few. The benefits of learning English far out weigh the reasons for not learning it. There is simply no excuse in modern society to live in a country where you cannot communicate with the local inhabitants literally and figuratively.

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