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Startling New Secrets About 2012

If you’re a believer in the Mayan myth surrounding the year 2012, you must be aware that the events predicted are fast approaching. We have just entered 2011 and we can no longer ignore the signs of the end of days.

It’s hard to deny that we’re now experiencing an increased number of natural and unnatural disasters. For example there were The World Trade Center attacks, earthquakes on a massive scale, global warming, famine in Africa, and various other terrible events.

Some may reason that these things happen all the time, but many others believe that these are signs that the end is near. In the film 2012 starring John Cusack, there were environmental disasters that nearly wiped out the entire population of the Earth. During the promotion of the film I just mentioned, Sony Pictures launched many websites tying into the film, posing as scientific sources. These sites prompted many people to panic and actually believe in the film’s somewhat outlandish premise.

The film does seem far-fetched but just a few years ago a huge tsunami descended on Thailand, killing thousands of people, very similar to the film. In the past few months, there have been devastating earthquakes, killing 2,000 in Haiti alone.

Many world leaders and government agencies dismiss various 2012 or end of the world theories, but can we afford to be so dismissive about all the theories out there?

NASA scientists have completely ruled out the existence of the so-called Planet X as a hoax. If you research this theory, it stems from a woman in Wisconsin who claims to have spoken to aliens and asserts that the unknown planet will collide with our own. This collision will either destroy the entire planet or somehow cause a polar shift. NASA says if such a planet did exist it would be easily seen in the sky by the naked eye and astronomers would have been tracking the planet for years.

But what about the end of the world prophesied by the Mayans? According to scholars, the Mayan calendar will end but that doesn’t mean our world will cease to exist. The Mayan long calendar ends just like our regular one every year, only theirs lasts a little longer than that.

You may or may not believe in the end times but you can’t dispute the fact that natural disasters do occur. So it does pay to be prepared, regardless of predictions by ancient civilizations or not.

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