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Be the Most Sought After Pet Sitter

In order to be the most sought after pet sitter, you have to be able to define what a pet sitter is. Everyone will define a pet sitter as someone who looks after pets for a certain period. Yes, that’s true but that’s not the whole truth. There are so many qualities and virtues that turn an ordinary sitter to the best in town. All of them are simple and applicable.

The best virtues a pet sitter can have are love and honesty. You have to love pets in order to take good care of them. Love is not only giving the pet food. It is also connecting and bonding with the pets such that you become good friends. You need to be able to speak pet language, which is not complicated at all. Being an honest person will get you the higher paying clients. When pet sitting, pet owners open the doors of their homes for you. The owners should be able to trust that you will not steal their property. They are not only leaving their pets in your care but also their home. You can even be hired to be a live in pet sitter when your clients are on holiday or away on a business trip. Once you have been classed as an honest and reliable person, your clients will recommend you to their friends. The more satisfied clients there are, the better.

It will be wise to get some basic training in the care of pets. Since there are so many different species, they are not cared for in the same way. You will need to learn how to care for an iguana for example which is different from caring for a dog. You need to know how a pet looks like when it is ill and how it looks when it is happy. You will also need train on how to train the animals to listen to simple commands. You will even be able to turn an ill disciplined pet into an obedient one. Your clients will appreciate this as they do not have to pump out more money to take their pets to training centers.

You have to be consistent in the way you deal with the pets. With a good routine, your pet will understand when it is time to do something. You don’t want your pet to be scratching the cardboard door wanting tidbits before it is meal time or running away at bath time. You should also tidy up around the home. Clean up the pet litter and throw away the empty cans of pet food. Make sure things are not scattered around as they may end up being a health hazard.

When you are starting out, offer low rates for your services and gradually increase as you gain experience. From all your clients, ask for a reference. If the pet owner is happy with the way you pet sit, then you will get very good references. This way, your reputation will grow and before long you will be known as the most sought after Los Angeles pet sitter.

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