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Smart Online Free Classified Ads for Pets

Nowadays you can’t often find good ads for puppies or kittens in your local newspaper, if you still have a local newspaper. So it seems we have little choice but to turn to the online classified ad sites to advertise our animals, or to go in hunt of a new fur baby for our families. However, whether you are a breeder who plans to sell your pups or kittens on a free classified ad site, or a family in search of a new pet, there are some serious issues to keep in mind.


Know your breeds. When posting your classified ad, post the highlights of the breed, or breeds, that the pet is mixed with and write those in. If the dog has a calm temperament or the cat is extremely vocal and feisty, let people know. Let possible buyers know what shots and other vetting the animal will have before the sell takes place. It may be tempting to misinterpret things such as that the particular breed is high energy, or high maintenance, so that you can get them a good home. However, this double edged sword often causes families who are unprepared for what the pet has to offer to be forced to get rid of them, possibly to a shelter, which is the exact opposite effect that you desired. Be sure to let the family know if the breed is kid friendly, or if they will require a couple hours of firm exercise a day to prevent them from being destructive. Those who know the breed, and the ones you most desire to take on your pets litter, are those who either already know, or are prepared ahead of time for the chaos a new furry family member can bring.


Take some precautions when purchasing a pet from an online free classified ad site. Buying from ‘puppy’ or ‘kitty’ mills for that matter, only perpetuates not only the ill treatment of animals, but also breeding flaws and issues that are increased when mills breed animals together regardless of their parentage.This can result in incredibly serious problems for the animal, as well as adding vet bills for the owner that the owner may not have been prepared for.

Ask to See Photos of the Sire and Dam

If a seller doesn’t have pictures of both readily available, this may just mean that they are a private, or incidental seller and may not have pictures of the stud. This is nothing to be alarmed about and quite the opposite, dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and many other pets are all better off if they have some human socialization skills before they come to you. You can expect mill animals to have nearly none.

When purchasing a pet always remember, an animal is a long term responsibility. If you are not ready for the responsibility, wait until you are emotionally, financially, and physically ready to handle a new pet in your home.


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