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Simple Truth Versus Complicated Fiction

If you were to show someone a sandwich, and ask them where they supposed it came from, they would almost certainly give the simplest answer. They would probably say, “You made it.” It is quick, easy, and obvious enough that it does not really even require investigation. There is no need to conduct tests or ask questions, because the simplest answer is usually the right one. How do I keep my pants up? Use a belt. When I reach into a potato chip bag and pull something out, what am I going to get? Most likely I will get a potato chip. How do I know, because that is the way that everything works. If we simply cannot find anything on Earth that came into being without some sort of parent, then the simplest explanation for the Earth itself is that it also has a parent of some kind.

Some people might be rolling their eyes and refusing to see the very basic logic of this, but it remains true none the less. Up is above you and down is beneath you. Water is wet, air is invisible, and the Earth was created. None of those simple facts are any less obvious than the others. Trying to give a complicated answer to a simple question is the best way to prove that you have no idea what you are talking about. Of course, someone might be saying, “Evolution is simple. You are just too dumb to understand it.” If that is true, and it is simple, then everyone should easily understand it and the sixty percent of Americans that reject the theory and claim to be Christians are well informed. Evolutionists are masters of the double standard. If you claim to believe in creation because evolution is too complicated, they will say that you are just stupid. Then, when you ask questions that they cannot answer, they will say that it
is just too complicated and only highly educated scientists can explain that. Creationists do not need any of those excuses. All that we are saying is that God made everything. We do not know how, we only know that he did. A child could understand that.

Let’s consider another answer to the question of who made the aforementioned sandwich. “Well, you obviously started with a complete lack of existence on top of your kitchen counter. Then a certain kind of energy that did not exist made something happen. Then that caused some of the other nonexistent things to react in a certain way, and eventually there was a single bacteria. That one bacteria started changing in order to adapt to the environment in which it was already thriving anyways. After millions of years, it became a cup of flour and then later, two slices of bread. Some other bacteria that had come from that original bacteria became other things, even though they could just as easily went on living as what they already were. They became lunch meat and various condiments. Finally, after a few billion years of evolution, they all piled on top of each other and you had yourself a tasty sandwich!”

There are very obvious flaws in that argument, like the fact that nothing existed in the first place which means that nothing ever could exist. There is no way to explain that away. It is impossible to get something out of nothing, and if you ever hear anyone try without crediting a higher power, they are a liar. Another thing is that the bacteria, which is an extremely versatile organism, could have simply gone on living as it was. Even if its environment was changing, it would never have needed to become a fish or a mammal in order to survive. If anything, becoming a larger creature that needs a great deal more resources for survival would seriously lower its chances of survival.

Besides that, the explanation is just complicated. That is usually the biggest red flag that indicates a lie. When someone wants to explain something that they do not understand, they rarely give the simple answer. That is why you will probably never find a Christian apologist trying to explain how God created everything. We do not know and it really does not matter. It only matters that He so obviously did create it.

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