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Reasons to Adopt Vs Buy Your Pet

Yes, the little puppies and kittens in the store window are cute but if you are considering getting a pet for your home you might want to think twice before buying it and instead look into adopting.

Most puppies you see in the store come from puppy mills where the sole purpose is to breed and make money off of them. Most of the time, the conditions that these animals have to live in are cruel and inhumane. They live in cages their whole lives until they can’t breed anymore and then are tossed aside. Contrary to what you might think if you buy from a store, you are not “saving” the animal, you are actually helping support the puppy mills. The more people buy the more money they make.

So instead why not check out your local animal shelters and rescue organizations. There are thousands of animals out there that are homeless and would love to become a part of your family. A lot of these animals end up in a shelter by no fault of their own. You can find a wonderful companion that will be grateful to you for life for saving them.

To help keep them from going back to the shelter, know what you are getting into. Do research and find out what type of animal and breed would be best for your home. And yes, you can find full breeds at the shelter! Also, be sure to get your pet spayed or neutered so that they don’t have more babies that might one day end up the shelter too.

Good luck in your search for your new family pet! And please support your local animal shelters and rescue organizations!

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