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Most Popular 2012 Predictions

2012 predictions are everywhere and it just makes you want to stop time and not let 2011 end. I mean, aren’t you scared of all those doomsday theories that they seem to be so intent to happen this December 21, 2012? If you want to know what’s going to happen next year, read up on these popular 2012 predictions.

Most 2012 predictions are doomsday theories. Not a welcoming thought, I know. These stories are sort of based on science whether it be about another planet colliding with our planet or the sun getting closer to the Earth, all these doomsday theories have one definite ending. Mankind is going to be wiped off the face of the Earth, or that it would be so fatally disastrous that only a handful of mankind representatives will live.Below are some of these doomsday theories.

Collision with Planet X or Planet Nibiru
Some theorists believe that in 2012, a planet, they the named Planet Nibiru, that only appears in a couple of thousands of years will collide with the Earth. Many believe that the said collision will either cause the explosion of both planets or will either deface the Earth and its atmosphere in such a way that it will no longer be habitable for men.

Scientists however discount this theory as pseudoscience. The fact that another planet will collide with the Earth that is not presently in our Solar System or presents no evidence of existence proves that the theory is just implausible. While others still try to assert that a planetary collision is possible, scientists believe that if such a thing were to happen in 2012, then signs of said collision should already be felt now like a distinct change in the course of the planets or of the Earth.

Magnetic Pole Reversal
Another one of the popular 2012 predictions is the magnetic pole reversal or an exchange in of the orientation of the magnetic north and the magnetic south. If this happens, the momentary shift will have a huge disastrous effect on the planet – the worst being parts of the planet will be exposed to harmful radiation from the sun. Theorists also believe that this might affect the bodies of water and as such, would cause flooding and other tidal waves to happen.

You have probably watched the movie “2012” and fears that there really is a big disaster waiting for us next year. Don’t mind these 2012 predictions though, most of these are just made to make you afraid of something and in the process, push you into certain sorts of directions. Remember how everyone was claiming about the Y2K bug and how it will affect all existing technology? Well, that didn’t happen right and I bet you just lost some hard-earned dollar preparing yourself and your family for that event.

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