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Plaque Attack Pet Dental Spray

We all love our pet cats and dogs, seeing that we care for them and raise them. However, at times your pets can carry a great deal of viruses and bacteria insides their mouths and can spread around. For this reason, you must keep your dog’s and cat’s mouth sanitary to prevent all possible plague from occurring.

Plaque Attack is a new dental hygiene spray for cats and dogs. It contains a premium formula that is simple to use. You just spray the product under the tongue of your dog or cat. The tested quality ingredients from the product helps neutralize all tartar and bacteria that can lead to bad breath along with gum problems.

Plaque Attack works just as well many of those professional dental procedures, which can be both costly and painful. It is different from many alternatives you can purchase, the spray will work for cats and dogs of all sizes, from large to small.

This spray’s formula is entirely natural. It safely and quickly coats the teeth of your pet and the gums, while it mixes in with their saliva. The components helps to break up bacteria, germs and tartar to lessen bad odor in the mouth. It treats the main causes behind unpleasant breath, leaving your dog or cat’s mouth cleaner and healthier.

Plaque Attack can help strengthen your bond with your cat or dog by getting rid of bad odor from the mouth. It can be purchased over the internet through the product’s website. The makers of the product has a reasonable price for Plaque Attack. It is just $20 for a single bottle, which lasts for approximately 6 months with regular usage. To add to that, there’s also a buy 2 get 1 free special promotion which is available right now.

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