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What Pet Should I Get?

Pets are good for people. This is true in a variety of ways. They offer companionship, company and many hours of shared time and experience. Some people prefer the energy of a dog while others prefer the tranquility of a cat. To each his own, but the choice needs to be made with careful consideration.

The most common pet question is whether to get a dog or a cat. That depends on your purpose, lifestyle and living situation. Both animals make great companions and will provide unconditional love. But there are situations where one is better than another. Cats require less care than dogs and do better in confined spaces. A litter box, some food, a few toys and a soft place to sleep are the only things they need to be happy. Dogs need a little more care, but can fit into almost any living situation. Keep in mind that dogs need companionship more than cats and don’t do well left alone for long periods of time.

After species comes the decision of breed. The particular breed of cat is not as important as for dogs since they are all the same basic size, but considerations about hair length must be taken into account.

For dogs the species is a major factor. Things like size, temperament, energy level and other factors must be considered to find the breed best suited to your life.

The next step is to find the animal. The two most obvious choices are from a breeder or from a shelter or rescue society. Getting a pet from a breeder will give you a pure bred dog with papers, but will cost you a lot more. At a shelter it’s also possible to occasionally find pure breeds, but usually you will find mutts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with mixed breeds and they usually live longer with fewer health problems. Shelter animals also have their shots and have usually been spayed or neutered.

Once you have the pet it’s time to give it some training. Cats pretty much do what they want and need no training, but dogs, well dogs are dogs and need authority. Most training can be done yourself as long as you are patient and firm. Many people prefer the services of a profession trainer, though it will cost you.

Get your pet started on a healthy diet. Besides avoiding accidents, a healthy diet is the most important thing you can do to keep your dog disease free ant at his best. Several diets exist for dogs and cats, including raw meat diets. Just do the home work and decide on one that works for you.

Pets don’t require a lot of health care, but shots will be needed. Also, the occasional health problem will arise and you need to be prepared. Like with humans, good prevention through diet and exercise is the best way to keep a pet healthy. If you want to be prepared for vet bills, pet insurance is available and affordable.

Follow these steps and you will soon be the proud owner of a happy and healthy pet.


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