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Human Greed Versus Human Lives

Human traffickers in Libya

The human traffickers in Libya, risk the lives of prospective migrants to Europe,

By sending them in overloaded, unsafe, rickety boats, to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

The greed for profit takes priority over human lives.

God, and greed are omnipresent.

Human greed versus human lives

Why are the Syrian migrants trying to enter Europe?

They want their children to grow in a fearless ambience.

Why are the migrants from Somalia, Senegal, and Gambia, crossing Mediterranean sea, and risking their lives?

They have a dream – to live a normal life without deprivation.

Who is exploiting them?

The human traffickers in Libya!

They are greedy.

The greedy traffickers in Libya, ‘make hay while the sun shines’.

God and greed are omnipresent.

A righteous action!

What is a righteous action!

*Hitler believed,”An action is right, if one feels good after completing it.”

He felt satisfied after killing Jews.

He felt happy, by asserting supremacy of his Aryan race.

*Even a rapist feels contented after satisfying his animal instincts.

The sure test for a righteous action

What ever one wants to do, one can do,

But if the action is published in a newspaper next day,

He should not be ashamed to face public, his children or his mother.

Only then, it is a righteous action.

Human traffickers can’t face the public.

Why can’t we cut down our greed?

Because, we are all slave to our sensual desires.

To satisfy our sensual desires, we need money:

Money for good food, good drinks, good clothes, good entertainment, and good living style.

Human traffickers risk migrants’ lives, to make money.

For migrants, the easy solution was/is to migrate from a developing nation to a developed nation.

Yes, the migrants will have all that, in the developed nations.

But developed countries can only offer good life style, and safety, and not good relationships.

The migrants have to put in extra effort to sustain their traditional family bondage and filial devotion.

Or else, they will lose their own cultural values.

They would live a materialistic lifestyle,

Without friends, and relations, but not without money.

The present societal attitude and belief is:

‘O God, I alone can do nothing,

I and You can do something,

But I, You, and money can do everything’.

Means adopted versus the goal

What is important in life?

Means adopted or the goal!

The goal or the journey!

To achieve the goal, by any means is a bad strategy.

But humanity seldom learns from history.


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