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The Hens and Crows: An Aesop Fable

There was once a crow with a broken wing who was unhappy because he could not fly to the corn fields to eat fresh bugs, worms and corn with his friends. His crow friends brought back dead worms and dead bugs for him to eat from the corn fields, but he wanted live worms so he decided to go to the farmer’s hen house in search of a good place to find them.

The hens tolerated the crow with the broken wing, but the presence of his crow friends irritated the hens for every day they came to visit him. Soon his crow friends became envious because the hens had fresh corn that the farmer placed in the hen house every day. The crow friends after a while began to eat up the hen’s fresh corn because it was easier to get.

When the hens complained to the crows that it was not right for them to eat their fresh corn, the crows merely laughed and flew away. The hens could never catch them.

The crow with the broken wing became concerned that the hens would kick him out because he too was a crow. So he started being generous with the hens and digging up extra worms for them to eat.

The only bad thing was that the worms were dead by the time the crow had enough to feed the hens. After a few days of this the hens became lazy like the lazy crows, and didn’t work anymore to find fresh worms.

Because the hens did not eat a balanced diet of fresh food, they began to look sickly. The farmer, thinking that his hens would make him sick too, came out with his shotgun and blasted the hens to smithereens in self-defence. The handicapped crow had mended and was now strong enough to flap his beautiful black wings and fly away.

The moral of this story is eat a well-balanced diet of fresh food you have worked for. Be independent and solve your own problems. No one gets free lunch. In hardship you will find your greatest strength.

Welfare does not solve our problems. It increases them. If people are going to be paid food stamps, they should have to work for them. What we are creating is a lazy society that in time will destroy us. We need new pavement for our streets. All over America the streets are a disaster. We need new pipes for our sewage and water systems. We need to improve our street lighting systems. We need to make the street sign lettering larger for the older people to see when they drive. We have more older people than younger people. Whatever a person is capable of doing, we should require them to do it. If people are getting free medical care, they should also do something for the government to be entitled to it. In the past nothing was free. Our freedoms are going out the window because we are too lazy to do what our ancestors did–provide for our families. If people are going to engage in sex and have babies, we should stop their ability to have anymore children after they’ve had one child out of wedlock. We need people to be responsible for the problems they create for themselves and others. Children coming to families that are irresponsible will not add strength to our nation and their parents will be a drain on society the more children they have. If people knew that there would be problems for themselves if they had illegitimate children, they wouldn’t have them. The reason that we don’t cut off the welfare going to them is that they are the ones who produce for the war effort. It is best to eliminate a problem before it happens. People are taking advantage of the system and teaching their children how to take advantage. We need better schools. That’s the reason parents are having home schooling. The government is trying to brainwash our children. Their mind is a terrible thing to waste.

We need to take the salt and impurities out of the ocean water and use it. We need to solve our dumping problems by getting rid of our wastes. We need to stop meaningless wars. The reason we have weak government is our government is trying to prevent revolution. It is time we all wise up and clean up our own doorways, plant our own foods, prevent the government from doing anymore damage to us under the name of friendship. There wouldn’t be so many problems if the government was working for the good of the people. We are told in school that this is the best government in the world. Look around. There are no good governments in the world. When you start looking for agendas in society, you will start seeing things as they really are.

I love America. I want her to survive.

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