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Habitats For Chinchillas

Chinchilla Environment

If you have a liking towards pets, and chinchilla is there in your mind, then better to know a bit about this charming little pet. Before buying a chinchilla, get a good cage. Chinchillas are aboriginal to mountain Andes in South America. These mini creatures climb mountain crevices and can jump up to a height of 6ft effortlessly. Their agility and combat skills like releasing fur, spraying urine help them to thwart predators.

Choose a wider and higher cage with plenty of ledges and shelves for them to frolic. Check that the sides have secure wiring and not coated with paint. The bottom of the cage must be solid for avoiding injuries to their legs. As they are nocturnal, make sure the cage is not near your bedroom to avoid disturbances during your sleep. Never use cedar shavings for bedding as they are toxic to animals, instead, you can use any hardwood shavings.

As chinchillas are very naughty and playful, they like to scamper and scoot around the room. They need lot of exercise. As they are mostly active in nights, play with them during that time. Take care of Chinchillas during the play. Have more ramps in the cage for them to jump and run in between. The best thing is getting an exercise wheel, which is good for their health. They are very snoopy and difficult to contain them. They are not docile initially. So always, you must have an observation for them.

Chinchillas are very clean animals, but do not give bath in water, as it will spoil their natural oils. In natural habitat, they roll in volcanic ash; typical dust is available in local shops. Buy them and put in the cage for them to roll in. Chinchillas masticate a lot, so better make them busy giving some cardboards or wooden toys, but keep plastic at bay. They are hazardous to them. Chinchilla’s digestive functions are sensitive. They eat hay. Naturally, they eat small insects, seeds and plants.

Go and get a chinchilla today!

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