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Go to School or Die?

During World War II and thereafter we have been thrown around and taken advantage of by our parents and the government under the guise of wanting us to be successful. We are the government’s prey. Before we are 7 we are told we are going to college. We get the idea that if we don’t go and do what is expected, we won’t be loved.

Money doesn’t replace youth. We cannot see into our future, but a life, if well lived today, will make all our tomorrows seem worthwhile and enjoyable. We cannot take a rain check on life. It vanishes away quickly enough. No one can see into the future. Money will not make you happy even if you get it unless you are already happy.

Enjoy your life every day. Don’t live in the future. Live now. Then your dreams have a chance of coming true. Work hard. Play hard. Plan. But never try to live by other people’s visions of how you should live or at the end of your life you will be disappointed.

Show everyone love and respect, including your children. A child is a terrible thing to waste. You have potentialities as a child that no one listens to or treasures. Encourage your child to communicate and listen to him. Don’t let the world deny his dreams as yours were denied. His dreams may not be your dreams, but that’s OK. You have lived your life. Allow your child to live his with peace of mind. Children are not toys to be played with.

There is no reason to teach regimented education past elementary school. We have to know how to read, write, and do math. Beyond that as you develop the school becomes merely a prison where you are controlled and brainwashed by the dribble coming from Washington, DC or the Board of Education.

We are told we believe in freedom. Develop freedom in education. No one should put their life on hold past elementary school. There should be work experience throughout junior high, senior high and college. A better way to educate is to allow self-reliance and self-sufficiency to develop as you educate the child. If you do not allow the mind to grow with encouragement, and love at a certain point you will find yourself teaching cookie cutter kids all alike, who cannot use their minds, because they have no original ideas to share. That is the death of a nation and a world. Our children are the only valuable jewels we have. Respect them and encourage them. Put your best into them and allow them to be themselves. They need your direction, but they also need to know something about themselves before they get too old to realize who they are. They cannot realize anything or achieve any of their dreams unless they have life experiences that teach them in a hurry who they are and what they need to know to be happy.

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