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Giving Also Aids the Giver

If you have ever been at a point in your life where the things you were doing seemed to lose their meaning and you simply drifted from one activity to another without focus? You may be able to pinpoint a turnaround point as a time when you helped another person. Helping others is one very good way to help yourself remain grounded. If you are feeling a need to be a happier person or feel that something is missing from your life, then giving to others is an excellent way to fill that void.

It is amazing to think about the good feelings of satisfaction that can come from giving. For many people this sense of completeness cannot be attained by any other method. It can be good to know that if you do something nice for somebody else you will feel happy.

Perhaps you fully understand this concept and do not know what to give to truly benefit those who are in need. It is truly horrifying to think about all of the things that people in our own prosperous country need. Many families do not have enough food to eat, proper shelter, or adequate medical care. Basic survival depends on food, which is something that many of us take for granted each day. There are a number of charitable organizations that accept donations of food and money to provide food for people who would otherwise go hungry. A person can donate to a local soup kitchen or the food bank and have the satisfaction of knowing that fewer people went hungry that day because he took the time to care.

Another item that is in much need is clothing. Several charitable organizations have organized ways of allowing you to donate your gently used clothing to those who do not have much. It can be easy to pull items out of your closet that you no longer wear and allow them to benefit someone else. This can be as easy as putting out a labeled bag on your doorstep on the day that a pickup has been scheduled. Many thrift stores or church organizations also accept used clothing and you can drop off your items to them.

Donating money is another way to help those in need. If you donate money or other items to a qualified non-profit, 501 (c)(3) charitable organization is the best way for you to know that your money is actually going to help others. These organizations have organized so that they can better help others, so you can be confident that what you give will be used wisely to assist those in need. You will have the joy of giving, and they will benefit as well.

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