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How to Get Your Birth Certificate and Other Vital Certificates Replaced If You’re an Expat

Sometimes a birth certificate can get lost in a move, damaged, or destroyed by accident. If this happens it becomes necessary to replace the document with a new version of the original, especially when it is tool needed for a specific purpose. Luckily, it’s possible to obtain a replacement certificate by using our online service and we can send the new document to you via mail. We have the resources to obtain the necessary records and have copies sent out to individuals who require the documentation. A lost certificate is no laughing matter, fortunately, it is not difficult to replace a lost birth certificate for one’s self or a family member, as long as the requestor has the pertinent information.

It’s important to note that for those individuals who are adopted that two records exist the original birth record and the record of adoption. When making legal applications such as passports, job interviews it’s the adoption certificate that’s needed, the original birth certificate remains as a closed file and is useful when conducting family history research or tracing your parentage.

Those that have moved abroad find that replacing a birth certificate can be difficult and are unaware that their UK issued certificates need to be legalised in order to use them abroad for a range of purposes such as education abroad, purchasing property overseas, and doing business overseas.

Its important to note that some documents will require all three stages of legalisation. Please view the website to see which documents are commonly legalised and background information about the legalisation process.

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