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Best Indoor Rabbit Cages

You need to have an indoor rabbit cage for your pet rabbits if you prefer him or her to stay inside your home. Rabbits form a wonderful companion and if you are able to make your home rabbit proof then you will surely love the sight of their unrestricted run in the house.

You may find it hard to believe, but bunny rabbits can be litter box trained without much difficulty. Obviously, you can’t allow the unrestricted run every time, you need to find a safe and secure place for your rabbit and thus rabbit cages are preferred.

You will find a handful of alternatives for the indoor rabbit cages in the market available these days, but many of them are not amongst the best pick. There are many which are sufficiently large and have got wire flooring. Wired-flooring cages are no doubt easy to maintain and clean, however they are not very comfortable to the rabbits living in the cage.

You should make it a point to buy larger sized rabbit cages for your bunny, larger the cage, the finer it is. It is particularly true if majority of the time you rabbit stays inside the cage. The thumb rule is that the size of the cage should be at least four times the size of your bunny. Your pet rabbit should be able to stand on its feet inside the cage, without his or her ears touching the top of the cage.

Majority of the people opt for multiple floor bunny rabbit cages which has got ramps connected at the various levels. This allows your pet to have extra room without having the need to borrow more room inside you house.

Owing a wired cage no doubt allows easy maintenance, however it is not of much use as your pet can be easily litter box trained. In case you are opting for the wired ones, then make sure you provide comfortable matting in the cage. The access to the cage should be large enough to get the containers and litter box in and out of it. Side opening cages are preferred than top opening ones, as it allows the bunny rabbit to come in and out easily, especially if he or she is a free roamer. Just make sure you provide your pet with all the love and care.

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